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December 2nd Meeting

The past several decades have been a sort of golden age of cave exploration. New world records and amazing discoveries have exploded the number, size and complexity of caves around the world. Along with this new exploration, there has been a rapid expansion of understanding about cave morphology, geochemistry and mineralogy. In 1980, there were just 19 list cave minerals; today there are 319, many of which occur in incredibly diverse forms.


Kevin Downey, owner of the mineral business he calls “Well Arranged Molecules” is a geologist who also owns a photographic studio and who, as an offshoot, specializes in cave photography. He frequently joins cave explorers who go into the newly discovered caves and newly discovered passages of familiar caves in their quest for learning about cave environments. Kevin sets up his professional equipment, often in areas that are naturally pitch black, and photographs the formations and minerals that the scientists see and study.


In the presentation that we’ll see “Mineralization in Caves, Part I”, Kevin takes us on a tour of several major cave projects he’s been involved with and will show us both normal and “exotic” speleothems with some of the most spectacular known examples of cave minerals. Images will include many of the best caves yet found on earth.


Join us for this interesting video of a talk Kevin gave at the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium in 2013. You don’t have to like minerals to enjoy the fabulous cave “eye candy” and to appreciate a glimpse at a world few of us will ever get to see or explore.


Our meeting will begin at 7:30 pm at Meadow Mill.


Winter Weather Notes

If Baltimore County schools cancel their evening activity our meeting will be canceled. You can obtain this information by tuning to WBAL radio (1090 AM) or most TV stations. You can usually also find the information at We'll also try to put out a notice via the Guild's Yahoo Group email list. 

Should a workshop class need to be cancelled, students enrolled in the class will be notified directly by the instructor.